Biosphere reserve of Südost-Rügen

Federal Project

In 1979, the Federal Republic of Germany imitated the programme „Establishment and Protection of Endangered Natural Areas and Representative Landscapes“. Since then, many projects have been funded under this programme that contribute to the conservation of Germany's natural heritage and that help fulfil Germany's international commitments.

The programme supports protection of natural landscapes in the long term and seeks to develop cultural landscapes in ways that protect the habitats of endangered flora and fauna.

From 1995 -2009, the large-scale nature conservation project "Bodden Landscapes of East Rügen" included large areas of the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve.

This projects was run by Landschaftspflegeverband Ostrügen.  The partner website made available by Mrs Bath from the Landschafspflegeverband Ostrügen provides further information.